Monday, June 16, 2014

"Looking back at 5/27/2001"

I've been evicted from Franks house because I fell behind in the rent.  I was forced to take a barter situation with a woman named aggie who is extremely mentally ill.  The next 30 days will be terrifying and a living hell.


My life is hell!  I have no money for gas or food which is very scary.  Benn at Aggie'es place.  I can not live with her.  Parole came by for her but the only thing she warned me about was that the shefiff might come.

Everyting in her apt. is broken.  The place is filthy dirty.  She sits in the dark in the daytime and it's real weird.  Shen she's on the phone she yells!

Constantly calling folks to make demands on them.  Repair this or repair that and exaggerates greatly.  (turns out her wealthy father is supporting her) 

Her circumstances aren't nearly as dark as she sees them.  I haven't slept since I moved in here because the folks upstairs are up all night .  Have to move again!

Linda my friend recently came into an inheritance and gave me 1k and Bob came by with a bag of very unhealthy junk foods.

I've just been hired onto a temp job at Measurement incorporated.  The job will last 5 weeks.


The first 3 days of living with Aggie were a nightmare.  The very first night I was there she told me that she is in trouble with the law!  She said it's because she bounced a check but she left a very personal letter on the dining room table stating that she had written more then one bad check.  She write multiple large sum fraudulent checks.


11:35 p.m.

Aggie has been missing for 8 days.  I just talked to her dad who says that this is typical Aggie.  Well, at least I can focus on trying to get out of here.

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