Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Was watching rock videos"

So yesterday, I'm watching these videos and it made me wonder/what is the craziest "non sexual thing" I have ever done.  Please write to me with your "crazy" stories.  They must not be illegal, violent or overt sex.

here's what I did.  In summer 2011 I did not have any food money or even taxi money to get back from karaoke.

I had to use ingenuity to earn $.  So, I told the guys this.  One asked me if I would b willing to sell the shirt right off my back!

I did it.  and I went home with just a sweatshirt.

But I needed more $.

One guy said that if I slap him as hard as I can across the face (I got permission from bouncer) that he would pay me.  Then a few others said they would too.  I suggested they crouch down, I run across the bar and simultaneously land in their lap then slap them!  One guy taped it and put in on you tube and I made about $35 dollars.

I have never had another day like that again in my life!

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