Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Life in section 8" looking back at 9/17/2006

I broke my usual rule and gave a black man in my apt. building my phone #.  Leo.  I agreed to check out the comic books he wanted me o see.  There is nothing else I want to see!  After I gave him my phone # 2 weeks ago he began stalking me and calling me every 10 minutes every day!

He made a financial proposition !

He's 23 and about 350 pounds.  I began having panic attacks listening to my voice mail messages from him.

When I picked up the phone this evening he offered me $100 for sex!  I tolkd him absolutely not.  He pushed and begged and pushed and begged.  I said: "Look, this is why whie women don't give out their phone numbers to black men.  Because they're so aggressive and pushy!

He agreed he wouldn't call again.  Ironically on the radio right now is the famous disco song:


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