Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"broken society"

Even though I felt physically well enough to get up early I decided to stay in bed for a few more hours.  Dread.

You remember how I always used to blog about everything being broken?  Even though I haven't blogged about it as often it couldn't be more true.

For example, yesterday I had a phone appointment.  Even after I told the clinician months ago, about how appts. are not being entered properly into the computer she still screwed up.

Get this, she tells me a month ago; "Just because you've asked for a card to verify your appt. doesn't mean I am GOING TO ENTER IT PROPERLY into the system!

When the actual appt. came up yesterday I couldn't find her!  I called like 5 people in the clinic all to try to get to this one woman.  When they finally found her she said "Oh, i'm sorry, I put the appt. into the computer as being at 3:10 INSTEAD OF 1:30 b ecause I'm dyslexic!

I must consider leaving a clinician who can't even type an appointment into a computer properly!

Then I get this call from another clinic, whose records shoed that I missed an appt. that I ACTUALLY SHOWED UP TO!

you know how exhausting this stuff gets and it is why I EXPECT incompetent service wherever I go.

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