Monday, June 2, 2014

"I am technically still alive"

I was homebound 90% of the time for the month of May.  Between the headaches, the severe nerve muscle and joint pain as well as the wildfires I have been unable to get out.

I tried to go out twice during the fires, not knowing anything about air quality related to fires, and my nose burned, my lungs and throat blew up like a balloon.

The air has pretty much cleared but I still can't do much of anything.

I have continued to hand edit my book and I wish I could afford a home computer.

Watching a lot of t.v.

Sat in on a free writer's group.  The "teacher" said that she does not like to read.  She actually read out loud and really struggled.  I can certainly see why this class is free it really sucked and I won't go back.

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