Monday, July 22, 2013


On July 2nd, someone donated me a flat screen t.v.  The complex includes about 100 channels for free in the rent.

I am completely addicted.  I'd like to challenge myself to shut off the t.v. for a week, but I don't think i'll even be able to shut it off for a day.

The other day I watched 6 hours of lock up raw.  (life inside jail and prisons)

There are 8k people locked up in Maricopa County Jail, WOW!  On that segment I saw the much hated Joe Arpaio for the first time.  It was the segment on the much hated jail food.

This really resonated with me, as I could not stand the food at

the psychiatric hospital
the mission
the adult center
the food center

Just like the prisoners half the time I can't even recognize it as food.  Despite the fact that the prisoners hate the food some smuggle it into their jeans and back to their cell!  One guy put a huge bag of spaghetti in the crotch of his jeans!

Some save up money for concessions and then "cook up" their own idea of food.  Arpaio says he intentionally wants the food to be horrible so that the prisoners won't keep coming in and out of jail.

But in my life experience, eating healthfully can make such a huge difference in your overall well being! 

Arpaio pointed out that they serve 16k meals a day in Maricopa County AZ and they cost about 18 cents a meal.

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