Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Inside Secret America"

last night saw a special called isa.  These journalists go undercover to see how easy it would be to purchase a gun in the state of Arizona.  There are more then 1500 gun shops in  Phoenix, well more guns shops then Mc Donalds.

Sadly, Sofia* (one of the journalists) was able to buy an ak47 and a sniper gun without showing any i.d. and no background check!

She bought more guns then that, but the guy that sold her the sniper gun said to her "Now u are all ready to start ur own WAR!"

They interviewed a woman in a wheelchair who was paralyzed by a random bullet in Tuscon, while her fiancé was blinded by that same random shooting and he is now in a nursing home.

These things are very frightening.

There is one gun for ever single man woman and child in America.  The easiest way to buy guns is at gun shows and through online sites such as Craigs List.

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