Thursday, July 25, 2013


I have been awake for goodness knows how many days.  Last night, I could feel my body spinning very fast in circles around the room.  Anytime I opened my eyes, I could see the room spinning.  No, I did not drink and nothing is different with my meds.  It is very scary.

I considered calling 911 but I have been hospitalized many times for vertigo and they can never do anything about it.  I haven't had a case of vertigo this severe in a long time.  I remember even as a child seeing my bedroom spin in circles.

So I tried to reschedule the 2nd extermination but they could not do it.  It's a lot of work on my part, and I didn't want to have to be out on busses with electrical storms and dizziness.  But no choice because I am required to be out while they "exterminate"

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