Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Dogs r taking over the world"

If you live in Mountain Town you can't go ANYWHERE without dogs sniffing at you or jumping on you.  You will trip over dogs everywhere.  They are in restaurants bars at the mall!  One walked into my stall in the ladies room at the mall!  These are NOT SERVICE DOGS!

It is not uncommon for me to walk in the street because dog owners have the sidewalks blocked off with the long ass leashes and 2 to 5 dogs.

Today, my voice was heard in a small way, but heard nonetheless.  There was a loose dog in front of a café.  I called non emergency police because I know it is a clear violation of the law.  The animal control guy came out and spent so much time with the owner I wondered if they were sharing family photos?!

I had to leave but he had his police car parked in the left lane of a busy one way thorofare.  He grilled the owner.  he was very soft spoken and polite yet extremely thorough.  When he asked her where the leash is she said "I forgot it because I was in a hurry"

I was pleased that so many people saw this girl being grilled because it is completely unfair that ou can't even go to a bar in this town that is not over run with dogs!

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