Monday, July 1, 2013

"Senior center not a senior center"

So, I heard it from the horse's mouth.  The senior center is actually a community center open to all ages.

Here is a weird anecdote.  I went on Friday to "beginning Spanish class"  When the teacher walked in she did not introduce herself as the teacher, but instead spoke to me in Spanish.  When I responded she said: WRONG!

I lasted 10 minutes in this class.  The woman is the b___ from hell, reminded me of my worst high school teachers.  She told me that I am not welcome to attend the low cost lunches (she is not in a position to make that decision)

She "air slapped" me across the face when I said that I don't use assistive devices because of the stigma!

Only one other student came (about 75 or older) and the teacher did not even bother to assess our skill level.  She just made us repeat words and phrases over and over until she "deemed we had pronounced it correctly!"

After 10 minutes I walked out saying "i'm dropping out"

she said "don't do that!" y are u dropping out?" 

I said "because it's not fun"

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