Monday, July 29, 2013

"Always someone new to meet"

2 days ago a guy in the coffee shop began talking to me.  He was with three Harley guys and they were all on their way to the annual motorcycle convention.  Their wives are going to meet them.

This guy is about my age and"

he has a phd in sexology with a ring to prove it
a chaplain

told me that he's armed so i'll be safe if the coffee shop gets robbed!  He asked me if he could "pray for me"  I said "yes, but not here"  "Prayer can't hurt so I have no problem with that but I am an atheist"

I told him I have a strong opinion about guns but that "I have no plan to share that view with 4 armed Harley guys!"


the next day, there was a woman in there with her 7 year old.  She is dressed like a hippie. She pays me the strangest compliment:

"You have such a nice small waist!"

I said nothing initially because I was processing what to say.  I eventually said: "I'm speechless but what I do know is that your a hippie like me, and hippie is a good word in my book!"

She replied that "she is indeed a hippie and has just relocated here from San Diego"  I said why mountain town our cost of living is so high.  She said it's comparable to San Diego.  I told her that it's comparable to Baltimore as well!

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