Monday, July 29, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

so, I have most of the names memorized.

matt (the 10 co-matt ments!)

And I think there might be another male player but can't recall the name.  is it devon?

Hmmm. like I said before, I think it's a shame that Lizzie hasn't even found herself yet and she has to worry about bringing a child into the world.  An expensive world.  But I
'm pleased the cast "stepped up to the plate" saying they will help her.  One of the guys said "i'll b there forever for you"  (in my life experience, never trust anyone who says they will do that!)


I was at Venice Beach myself for one day in may 1991.  I've also been in the Indy airport, and to Lancaster PA but I remember little about Lancaster.    I've never been in the Philly airport.

I do not like that the show gives away what's going to happen the following week on the show.  it spoils things.

That was very courageous of Betsy to go even though it may not be what her husband wants.  I'm surprised that the producer paid for Samuel to go to l.a. and he sure did act like an a hole toward his sister.  I think it's scary that she was forced to lock herself in her bedroom.

I enjoyed the crew telling Matt that they don't have to listen to his rules!

It was wonderful to see them all wade into the ocean in their traditional dress!

Curous where Shipshewana is on the map, since I also lived in Indiana.

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