Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Two women and a trans-sexual"

Remember I told you that I don't brush my hair because of the arthritis, nerve damange and weakness?  Well, it turned into an awful matted mess with dreadlocks!

It took them at the "beauty school" 3 women and 2.5 hours to get the mats out and dreads out.  Was extremely painful.  Then they had no choice but to give me a very short haircut.  I am not a girly girl and hair is hair, it's not like hair brings happiness!

They school well they are very unprofessional, yet, they only charged me $14.00 even though I was so time intensive!

The person who got assigned to do my hair is 300 lb fully made up 25 year old man with long hair who is living his life has a trans-sexual.  And most certainly doesn't pass as a female at 6'2!  Very nice "lady" who used to be Bill but is now Billy Jean*  ;)


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