Monday, July 1, 2013

"Weak stomach? don't read this"

So the deal is that I'm getting migraines nearly every a.m.  Insurance only allows 9 pills a month, and sometimes it takes 2 pills to knock out the migraine.

So, I had the one on fri a.m.  that came back fri. night.  I ate for the last time at the mission.  I tried to sleep off the fri. headache which did not work.  It turned into a skull crusher.  The kind where you can't talk in person, on the phone, or even watch t.v.  all u can do is just suffer.

I vomited for 10 hours. And decided to fast.  Easy to do since I had run out of money and there is no food in house.  I've been very weak since, only able to leave for 2 hours yesterday. 

Although it has subsided it has not completely gone away.  Someone has started smoking in my bldg. (lease violation) and the smoke is coming into my place which might be why there are more headaches.  Still very weak.  Still gotta say that this is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE QUALITY OF LIFE.

The mmj card has still not arrived but I know that it will someday.

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