Monday, July 29, 2013

"The last few weeks"

Only did 2 "things for fun" this month.  Much of the last few weeks has been devoted to trying to rid this place of bed bugs.  I have not seen any live ones since the second extermination but time will tell

It's been 3 weeks since J. went to jail.  Interestingly I was chatting with a guy in the coffee shop one day who it turns out is a lawyer.  .  I mentioned the case and he knows a great deal about it, he also knows that J. is "nice but not all there upstairs"  We both agreed that he needs to be behind bars.

Watched a lot of t.v. this month.  Since 7/2 it storms 2 to 5 hours every single day  Lots of flooding, lightning and thunder.  Did nearly get struck one day,  as there is little protection if u don't have a car.

I just started my medical marijuana treatment, but I see no reduction in pain whatsoever.  I did however sleep well.  I have a nearly new bed now, after 2 weeks of "sleeping" on the floor.    I'm told that it may be a while before I have any pain reduction, so I will keep u informed.

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