Sunday, March 22, 2015

huge dilemma very worrisome

I have a huge problem that I have had for more than 10 years. A problem that became particularly pronounced in June 2005. with my history of being a crime victim, violent or not; how on earth can I live in a safe apartment?

I have been researching and worrying about this ad infinitum. I was looking into apartment home security systems through Google's evening. the place I live now and I have been here for 2 years as compared to every place that I have lived in the last 21 years is relatively safe. Very safe. but I still take a lot of precautions and I still have reason to worry.

For one thing home security systems are very expensive when you consider the fact that if you are like me and you do not have or qualify for a credit card you are required to pay for the entire security system up front let's say ADT for example.

The other enormous worried that I have is the fact that numerous maintenance men have a key to my apartment.

The majority of the break ins from 2005 to 2009 and I was broken into nearly every day for that for years were break-ins by the maintenance men.

What kind of security system could actually work with all these strangers these maintenance men who have a key. Every single solitary person who is ever gotten into my apartments and motel rooms over the last 21 years they got in without forced entry. wouldn't that lead you to believe that the most likely suspects or the maintenance men, people who have a key? I have not given the key to anyone and in the two years I've been here and like I said this is the safest place I've ever lived, they've been in here about 7 or 8 times. I have discovered some things missing that were extremely valuable to me and irreplaceable but not high ticket items.

I was only out of the house last night for two and a half hours, when I got back my door was unlocked.

7 weeks ago and that particular day I did have an officer come out/I got back home and not only was my door unlocked but it was wide open. if a burglar stole underwear for example that's not something that I would notice right away although unfortunately over the years I have been forced to do constant tallies of absolutely everything that I own.

When I lived in Walker Muse in Baltimore and Ridgely house in Carroll County some of the things that were taken were of high value and some nut but the main thing is that the burglars want you to know that they are in control it's not necessarily always about taking high ticket items but it's about them controlling you controlling your mind, making you think and worry and wonder if you're going crazy because you know that you left a particular item in a particular place and that's the same place you always have the item and perhaps it's been move to another room and thrown on the floor.

If any of you have any ideas on the best apartment security and least expensive that would actually be valuable even given the fact that maintenance men have the key, please do leave your comments for me. Thank you

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