Monday, March 30, 2015

the 1967 photo of me on my blog site

one  thing that I absolutely do miss about Maryland that I don't have here in the Southwest is all the beautiful blossoming trees and flowers so much color, the cherry blossoms, apple blossoms we have some of those but we don't have mirror the color that the state of Maryland House. So I do sometimes like looking at the 1967 photo because I love those trees. I know we had a weeping willow? We had one of those in the backyard as well and gorgeous gorgeous that was in the house that I lived in, that unfortunately mother insisted to my father that we leave that house and move into a bigger house and that's what we did in 1969, then in 75 my parents lost the house and my personal quality of life went down significantly. And that of course has been true ever since. But this post is primarily to tell you how much I miss the beautiful colors of the east coast in the spring, I do not miss the mosquitoes Orthe humidity

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