Friday, March 20, 2015

I have a great deal in common with Kevin Greene

I have a great deal in common with Kevin green and all the Kevin greens in the world. Kevin Greene was wrongly convicted of his wife's murder and spent 16 years in prison. I keep hearing more and more of these cases people spending decades in prison and they didn't do anything wrong.

The reason why I can so strongly relate to Kevin green and the others who go to prison is because poverty and homelessness and living amongst violent criminals is a lot like being in prison, because it is not the life that I never chose or imagined for myself. And since this country hasn't given poor people a way and honest way to get out of poverty or to get out of there dangerous neighborhoods it really is like being in prison.

I know one of the guys today in my facebook depression support group said that his depression and loneliness feels like he's in his own prison, so there's all sorts of life circumstances that can make a person feel imprisoned.

Amazingly Kevin Greene doesn't seem bitter and was lucky enough to be able to remarry but no amount of money can give you your life back give him his life back or give me my lost 21 years back.

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