Sunday, March 1, 2015

"looking back at February 9th 1996"

I just fled to Ingrid's home.

 I called around to different churches to let them know that I was in a very dangerous situation staying in someone's home named jack. Jack is an Orthodox Jew with a violent temper and whenever I brought food into the house that he deemed was not kosher he would get really angry and he would blow up at me and order  me to throw the food out!

He obviously has serious mental illness and told me (and demonstrated) how he stalks women so I was scared of him and I have been actively planning my escape.

I decided to contact the Unitarian Church in Baltimore City. The the pastor make an announcement about" woman in danger needs room to rent" even if on a temporary basis .so Ingrid responded but said that it would be on a month to month basis

. It is a very hellish situation here as well because she stays up till 2 a.m. blasting NPR.

Then she's back up at six a.m.when her dogs start barking.

 I am having excruciating paralyzing back pain( that I do not yet know is fibromyalgia)

. She keeps the heat off in the winter so that aggravates my problem.I feel lonely in her environment it is most certainly not a home.

 she wants me to hurry up and get out as quickly as I can. I have very little income and no transportation.

It's ironic I am standing in front of the Sony theater and observing a group of developmentally disabled adults who just left theater.( I'm pretty certain they were they are with the organization Chimes who I once worked for and they jipped me out of thousands of dollars worth of wages in 1995)

I called Chris to see if he would like to go to the patches and Liz coffee house tomorrow night but he hasn't returned my call. if he doesn't  return my call by late tonight then I'll have to ask someone else. it's a ordeal huge ordeal to get out there with no vehicle.

Usually as soon as I leave the house in Baltimore I notice violence.  There was a lady in the 7-Eleven in Hampden who had a black eye she is a junkie and told me that she had been punched out by her boyfriend.

 Later I went to  Hopkins University because I needed to go through the Blue Book of colleges and find out which universities offer a Masters in Social Work. (At least if I were able to go back to college I would have some sense of stability in my life) the security guard at the college told me that if I don't show him my drivers license he'll beat me over the head with a baseball bat!!!  his idea of humor and I was truly not amused!

Just another example of America's culture of violence as far as I'm concerned.

The pastor from u.u. church called today to ask me how I was doing?   she offered me a $100 loan from the church kitty. Quite frankly I'm so goddamn  sick of my whole life having to be a damn emergency.

 I wanted to go to support group tonight in Catonsville at 6 p.m. But I didn't have any safe mode of night time transportation...

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