Monday, March 23, 2015

second visit to food stamp office

I have procrastinated coming to the Food Stamp office for a whole year. They disqualified me they discontinued my food stamps about a year ago, I was getting 15 dollars a month from them. When you measure the hassle and the time that it takes to get all the documentation together its not even worth it for $15 a month.

I made two calls earlier today trying to get through a food stamp worker but no luck getting an actual human being, I was attempting to get another case worker assigned to me. The last case worker tried to grab papers out of my hands I held on with a death grip so she pulled and pulled and pulled until she succeeded in yanking them out of my hands. She informed me that I would no longer be getting my SSDI check for $36. I said well why not and she said well that's what it says on my computer screen but I can't give you a reason. I was really pissed off so I called the disability office today to find out why I will no longer be getting SSDI the worker said to me who told you that that's not true.

today I arrived at the case at the Food Stamp office at 1:45 p.m., I will probably have to wait until 5 p.m. because I do not know where my old food stamp card is.

When I arrived here I asked for a new case worker, I was told that I can't request that in advance I just have to see who calls me and then at that time if it turns out to be the same girl I would have to request another person.

The case worker who called me was a different person, also pretty unimpressive. He had no idea what my case file number is. I said I've got all the documentation that you've asked for me, he said well I don't know what documentation we asked of you!!!

I handed him everything that the last case worker had asked me for and more. When we were all done with the appointment he didn't tell me how much money I'll be getting, I told him that I have two cans of soup and spaghetti at home and I have $1 to last me for 10 days.

I went back up to the counter and I said sorry I forgot to ask you how much will I be getting each month. He said we are not permitted to release that information to you verbally! You are going to have to wait until you get a letter from us in the mail at that time you will know if you've been awarded stamps and how much you will get

There is a morbidly obese five year old child with a cough of death. Her mother can't control her, her mother is so busy texting that she didn't notice that the girl hold the pink fluorescent tape off of the broken switch and then she turned the deadbolt unlocked all the clients out!

She cried and whined for 2 hours she then began toppling over chairs the mother could not stop her. The case worker s the mother what kind of work do you do the mother replied I take care of developmentally disabled adults! no surprise really in the past when I've seen workers so-called caring for people with disabilities I wondered if they pull these employees out of the gutter. How can this mother possibly care for the developmentally disabled when she can't even care for her own five year old child

I can get away with things and mountain town that I would never be able to get away with in Baltimore. If I should correct an African American child in a Baltimore City Food Stamp office the mother would probably shoot me in the head, but here in mountain town if a child is causing danger or putting themselves in danger or toppling chairs over in the Food Stamp office I'm not afraid to correct the child. Of course the children always listen to strangers when they won't listen to their own parents so I did tell the little girl that it is not acceptable for her to topple chairs over, she never toppled another chair over for the time remaining and now she's just finally left the Food Stamp office. I have been asked to wait until the office closes because I don't know where my old food stamp card is so I'm going to have to wait if I want another one today

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