Friday, March 13, 2015

this is life with Lisa Ling

this is the fourth episode in a row. I am loving this. The episode I'm watching right now is on the drug aya JuAsCA. people who have had life experiences very similar to my own, are very desperate and travel to South America to try this drug and to be under the auspices of the shaman in hopes that they can have a normal life again. I doubt that the drug is going to give them a normal life, and as we see here on the documentary some will die from taking it, but the relationships that they build while they are here at the camp, and the people that they need and the conversations that they are having are very much like group therapy so I can see that that would help. But I think it's unlikely that attend a trip that was supposed to say a 10 day trip to a foreign country will change their lives in any sort of substantial way.

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one-we-ality said...

I experienced ayuawaska after divorce in 92/with an american chiropractor turned trained shaman. Then again after my therapist recommended it. It was very transformative on an inner level but nothing lasting. Friendship and hCinf people listen to you..with their whole that is unforgettable. Better than any hallucinagin (Sp).great topic for discussion!