Monday, March 30, 2015

what TV family would you be born in to


his is this question is for anybody who wants to answer it but it is especially for people who were born in the families that they regret that they were born into

Here are the top families I would love to be born into and then after I list them I will explain why I picked these

#1 I would be born into the Ingalls family I would be Laura Ingalls. Now that's excluding the fact that she at some point also got afflicted with blindness it wasn't just your sister Mary. I picked this family because of all of the love and support that the parents gave, and the fact that there were no car so it was quiet and peaceful and they got to eat dinner together every nighT

#2 I would be born into the Walton family I would be one of the kids either the littlest girl or one of two teen girls. Why do I say that because of the loving parents and because of how wonderful it would be to have siblings and share dinner together every night and lots of fun , actual l childhood .who cares about the poverty, you're actually very well see if you're born into a big loving family

#3 I would be born into the Brady family any of the girls. Because they have so much fun together and their parents love them so much and They eat dinner together every night .

# 4 the Kardashian family. Because I would love to have the experience of never having to worry about money and because of all of the love that they have in that family and all the fun they have together, it's not their appearance that I envy or feel jealous of it's just a fact that they will never ever have to worry about money , can live in whatever neighborhood they want whatever beautiful home they want and have the means to travel wherever they want and eat amazing healthy tasty meals and never go hungry

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