Monday, March 9, 2015

my connection to the true crime case just aired on Vanity Fair confidential

LSnda'.ps the serial killer John Robinson case. midway through the 1 hour long Vanity Fair confidential presentation I saw an old photo of him and it hit me, he is the man who murdered a young woman who I met on a couple of occasions when I went to Purdue.

I was forced to move back to Indiana in 2005 because I didn't have any shelter in Maryland, pardon me I was forced to move back there in 2003. I'm not going to use the real name of this young lady because I want to protect her, but I will use the real real name of the lady that got killed.

So when I got out to Indiana my friend Linda told me that Isabella had been murdered. Linda explained that Isabella was really into S&M and John Robinson learnt her out to Missouri with the idea that she could live with him. Isabella was an amazing artist I actually saw a mural that she did on a Indiana church that is quite incredible, she did the mural about a year before she was murdered.

So linda was very very good friends with Isabella and Isabella ignored Linda'S Pleas.

Isabella was never mentioned in this vanity Fair confidential show by name, but at the very end of the show they scroll a list of names of people that he confessed to have killed. For a split second I was able to see Isabella's name on the list.

Linda was required to take part in the trial because of the fact that she was such good friends with Isabell, I assume this is why she was required to take part in the court trial.

I first read about Isabella's case more than 10 years ago in a book that was entitled anyone that you want me to be. about people who pretend to be someone else on the Internet so that they can lure and kill.

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