Friday, March 20, 2015

sociopaths and psychopaths

I had! to share this with you, they just defined the words sociopath and psychopath on one of my favorite shows called Forensic Files a true crime show. It absolutely blew me away. Because even though I had heard the definitions before what struck me was the following, in my first year to 2 years here in mountain town it seem like every man that I met had some sort of criminal history. In some cases it was something that I just suspected but that the men did not actually admit to me.

There was a guy who was very interested in me and initially I was interested in him as well. We got together maybe 3 times total and I worked up the guts to tell him what I thought of him and I defined his behavior word for word and it identically matched the definitions given first sight sociopath and psychopath!

I told him that for you Jimmy every human being you meet male or female is just an object to you and they are only of interest to you if they can help you advance your own position in life you really don't care about anybody but yourself. I was shocked that I had the guts to tell him exactly what I thought about him...

Girls trust your instincts I don't care how handsome and intelligent these guys are many of them are bad news so trust your gut and don't give in to your sexual desires if you have red flags about A man

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