Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"The verdict is in"

The caseworker yesterday, erroneously told me that the only way for me to find out what my monthly food stamp allotment will be is to wait for a letter to come in the mail!

But I knew that, there are 3 phone #'s on the back of the ebt card.  I tried 2 of them, and you are never going to believe this.

I have been awarded .33 a day!  That comes to 10 dollars a month!

Melinda asked me the last time when I was getting the 15 a month why don't I just appeal!  I waited a whole year to go in there, and I only went in because I have been forced to go to the mission for dinner and only about 10% of the time is the food pallatible enough (to my tongue) to be able to eat it.

Today, I went to the grocery store and treated myself to a Bolthouse farms mocha cappuccino ($3) and a banana.  I have enough for a loaf of potato bread and 100% peanut butter as long as I buy the store brand (Kroger) which is quite good.

I told the cashier I get .33 a day.  I said, if you had .33 a day to "blow" on food, what would you blow it on?  He was stumped.

Then, they ask you if you are "playing monopoly"

I replied I've never been a gambler but maybe it's time to start!

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