Monday, March 30, 2015

it would be awesome to tour Europe

Despite my diseasesand disabilities I would consider touring Europe if I had the means. but I would absolutely use a power wheelchair.I am watching Travel Channel breaking borders about life in Ireland.

About a year or two ago I was watching a documentary that showed how this one guy I think a quadriplegic was touring the world and how the airlines were helping him with his disabilities and how he managed to see the whole world even though he was in a wheelchair, so I know with proper planning traveling with disabilities is some absolutely possible.

I obviously I don't even have the money to live day to day but certainly if I did I'm 22 years overdue for a vacation.

I am going to attempt to provide you with a link to the show that I'm watching.

If I actually owned a computer you would be able to see me actually post the video on the my blog site but I do not know how to do that with my smartphone.


"get a taste of Ireland"

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