Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking back at 2/9/2005

Perrin Street
Lafayette, Indiana

moved in on 2/4/05

Laura lent me her car since mine is broken down.  Nobody has ever lent there car to me thus far in my life.  Just for the one night.  I was in good spirits even though I was in a tiny and toxic efficiency in a 100 year old home.  (turns out no heat in winter just air conditioning and we can't control it.

The night Laura lent me her car, I touched the turn signal to go left and the entire thing fell off.  Next morning when I showed up at the new place with a car full of belongings it had just snowed a few feet.  There were no warning signs prohibiting people from parkoing anywere on the street whatsoever.

In the a.m. when I came out to unload the car, (after having been up all night because of no heat) the police were towing the car away!  )  They claimed I was illegally parked.  I knew I could prove in court that they illegally towed me but now, I have court fees, towing fees, repair fees for my own car rent and food and my disability check is about 300 month.

So Laura is pissed, even though I took multiple photos  of the road proving I had not broken a law.

Now I have no way of completing my move.  I had to hitchhike back to the old place.  Ever tried to move all your stuff alone with no car?


Laura refused to accept reimbursement but won't hang out with me anymore either.  Woek up every 90 min. last night due to the migraine and being so cold.  The air in my apt. is so toxic.  Is the pilot light out on the stove?  No.  Perhaps the oven pilot is out? No.


After a huge ordeal I qualify for something called Care a Van.  I'm trying to get my car back, send out resumes, get Laura reimbursed, get to the grocerty store.  Not even my storm windows will open.  Struggle from sunrise to sundown. 

Here is my letter to Aaron (at this point I do not know that he inherited millions of dollars, he works a minimum wage job)    Dear Aaron,

My mechanic wants $300 for my first repair payment which he says is due on 2/18.  II'm desperately trying to get my car back so I can increase my chances at gaining employment.  If you cover $250 by 2/18 I'll pay you back a minimum of 25 dollars per month until I am paid in full.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter

E. Snyder


My apt. is making me very ill.  I wheeze and have chest pain and cough constantly.  It's much filthier then I originally noticed.  (Very unethical to landlords to rent out places that have not been professionally cleaned but this is all I can afford)

The high kitchen cupboards are covered with animal fur and dust.  The venetian blinds are dirty filthy.  The walls and ceilings are covered with dust dirt and spider webs.

The stove and cupboareds/counter feel greasy to the touch.

The only way to get the kitchen windown open I am forced to move the entire stove and counters out of the way.  In the meantime try not to get splintered opening the wood windows.  There are loose paint chips in all of the window sills.  I just spent 24 hours with migraine and vomiting.  What's causing this? the house? the neighbor's smoking then spraying deodorizer?  the fur and dirt?

Now when I cough, it aggravates my chest pain.  I can breathe better when I'm not at home.  I needed coffee but had to walk the 2 miles as baby steps because Lafayette is covered in sheets of ice.  I'm very weak.  My eyes are tearing and burning as I make this recording

Do I need to "go homeless" in order to afford to repair the car?  I hope not.

The 6 a.m. church bell is ringing so the air conditioning shut off and a tiny bit of heat just came on.  Maybe I can get a few minutes sleep.

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