Thursday, March 26, 2015

so you want to be my facebook friend

do you confirm yes to absolutely everybody who wants to be your Facebook friend? I confirm extremely few men because of the fact that I feel it over the internet internet you can never be too careful. The only men that I will friend are men who I share a minimum of 150 friends with.

If your profile picture is of your pet rat I am very unlikely to friend you, I am also very unlikely to friend you if you are a tree. I want to see your face it's easier to connect with the so-called stranger if I had some idea of what you look like.

I stopped friending most people from foreign countries where English is not the first language.

unless you are in one of my Facebook support groups I'm not very likely to friend you. Nadine from 10th grade has made 3 attempts to friend me. Yesterday I said to her why why do you want to be my friend? You didn't want to be my friend then why now?

I asked to similar question of carry from 9th grade. What I'm finding is that most of these folks don't want an intimate dialogue with me but they still want to superficially friend me, no thanks


Wanderlust Rach said...

Nadine lol!! This post was very funny and relatable!!!

I also wanted to let you know I started a new blog

I would love to get it started and need some people to send me in help questions! If you would send me one in I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! :)

elana snyder said...

I did leave comments on your blogs