Thursday, May 2, 2013

"A book called Seven"

There is a lady on the bus who wears a gold cross around her neck, and reads the book Seven.  She loves to wear the color purple.

Just before she disembarked, she handed me a twenty dollar bill!  I said: "Why?"  but there was no response.

The next time i see her i am going to hand her a beautiful postcard.  On the back I am going to write:

"God knows your beautiful"  Graciously, Elana.

I went ahead and bought a homeless guy breakfast with the money today as well as bought myself an egg sandwich.

It really does touch my heart to live ina community now where things like this are more common.

I had dreamed for 20 years about living in intentional community but there really isn't much for poor and disabled.

In my last neighborhood it was "every man for himself"  but where i live now, a guy on the bus the other day said:  "Maam, your bag looks heavy (i was moving)  is there anything i can do to help?"

"YES! i replied boldly and emphatically!  I let him walk me most of the way home!

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