Thursday, May 9, 2013

"What are the odds of THAT?!"

So, last night was my first time out for karaoke where i am required by my landlord to stay dry.  Normally, i will drink one to three mixed drinks in the hope that it will kill enough of the excruciating fibromyalgia pain that i can dance a little.  Now, even if i do drink, the pain is excruciating when i dance.  Going out crippled me up to the point, where i couldn't even leave the house yesterday.

But last night, it was excruciating times 100 because i have no pain mediciations at all.  Now, even when i do drink, i'm not drunk-so the only difference is more physical pain.

Last night was largely a wash out with the d.j. playing the music at particularly deafening levels and many really bad singers.  Not as friendly a crowd as usual, but did meet about 4 or 5 friendly folks, and exchanged numbers with Jeanette*

Now, what are the odds of meeting Jeanette?  Oh, about 1 in 35, 000.  Because it turns out that she is the person who is moving into the room that i just moved out of, so she "could feel me" in that i am now living under prohibition again.

I only got to do one performance but the feedback was wonderful.  Funkytown!

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