Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"At the Naturopath/society has gone to the dogs"

Part 1

I go get a bagel at Bagelo*  There are 2 dogs in the store and one is on one of those 32 foot leashes and jumps on me.  I said to the owner "you have got to be kidding me"  (I know this is a health dept. violation and is the fault of the owners of the store rather then the fault of the customers)

As always I was very early even though I was given incorrect directions.  I had 2 take 2 busses then walk on the highway with no sidewalks for about 2 blocks.  I was told to go to the building between 123 elm and 129 elm.

I did that and there was a 2 story building with about 1000 entrances.  I tried to open a couple of the doors to see if anybody knows anything but those businesses were closed.  I asked another business and they told me to go 2 doors down (which was wrong) I asked another business and they told me to go up the stairs (which was wrong)

I called the 1800# to get the directions again.  The secretary said she can't give directions because she doesn't even live in Mountain Town.

I see a customer in a car and luckily she knew where the building was.  I get to the building and realized I had been there before to approach another business.

I hear soft music as if someone might be getting a massage.  I am disappointed to see dog fur all over the rug in the wait room, and I wonder how that happened.

The receptionist is 65 and is I believe inappropriately dressed with a loose hippie shirt open buttons and her entire cleavage visible to the sighted public.

She is very kind and warm and offers me water.

In no time I am in with the naturopath.  She is considered the best in Mountain Town.  She asked how she could help me and asked for a life long medical hx.  Since I record every thing in my journals, I have all the dates memorized.

I tell her that I have abuse in my past that would likely rival anything she has ever heard in her practice.  I tell her I had chronic resp. issues as a kid since I lived at home for 24 years and "dad' was a chain smoker.

I tell her that I essentially stopped sleeping when my parents lost their house in 1975.

And that in 84, my boss told me I look very unhealthy.

In 88 that my partner said to me: "God girl, I barely touched you, how could that hurt?"  (At this point I am pretty certain I have chronic fatigue syndrome.)

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