Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Teach your children well"

The overt and sometimes covert abuse and neglect really blow my mind.  It is not uncommon in Mt. Town for a.m. temperatures to be in the thirties!  I can't tell you how many children are being sent off to school with just a t-shirt, not even a light jacket!  Would you call the authorities?  What's the point?  This neglect is so common that there aren't enough cps workers to address the issue.

Now this next point isn't on abuse per se.  But i have to say this.  When i see a group of kids under 18 boarding the bus i feel dread.  I'll tell ya, no kid of mine would be behaving like these kids do on the bus.

Within 5 minutes of a group of 11 year olds boarding the bus today, they were physically wrestling and threw THE GIRL! on the floor!

I told them that if they keep acting crazy i'm goin to tell the bus driver.

I'm speechless.

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