Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Part 2 At the Naturopath/Society has gone to the dogs"

However, I would not learn until 97, that I had fibromyalgia.  I told her that

in 2000 a deer tick transferred from my roommate's dog to me and I contracted lyme.

-I tell the nurse at the low income clinic about my bulls eye rash and she says: "Oh, just ignore it, it will go away

-from 2000 to 2003 I perform work as

teacher's aide
Spanish teacher

but by 2000 the fatigue is so severe I can barely function.  By 02 I can't hold a job anymore.

spring 03 my friend pays for me to see lyme specialist.

I tell the naturopath that the Lyme doc gave me 4 weeks of antibiotics.


me-"I do indeed have all of the symptoms of lyme."

She approves me for med pot but says that I need to hurry up and go the the dispensary TODAY, BECAUSE IT IS CLOSING TODAY!"

(I'm not happy to hear this because it is so hard for me to get around on the busses and this is too much to do in one day)

 I explained that I have 2 take 2 busses and then walk almost a mile.

She said, "Let my secretary drive you"

In the secretary's truck is a full ash tray and a seat filled with dog fur.  I spent 3 minutes trying to clean the seat.

She said that "Everyone I know smokes pot and they don't even have medical issues"  "I was in pain for 20 years and I thought to myself, this is nothing that a .69 bullet won't put an end to!"  "I am one of the original hippies and I have fought for legalization for more then 20 years!"

(she's terrific but not much of a listener)

Part 3 is coming soon

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