Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Accessibility issues for the disabled/handicapped"

I noticed that many times in Mountain Town, even if there is a square button indicating an automatic door opener they don't even work.

When I was at the book festival, I felt that the venue sucked for a variety of reasons.  I will first touch on the reasons that affected me as a disabled woman.  In the auditorium, there was a staircase where there were absolutely no bannisters.  I was very worried i'd just fall to my death!

I wanted to sit in the front row for 2 events.  If I were in a wheelchair that would have not been a possibility.  The only way I could access the front row was to go to the side door of the building.  Walk outside, and walk down a circuitous handicapped ramp.  Then walk 1/4 block to an open door that was blocked by a rock.  No one else entered that way, they entered the ampitheatre by walking up a big staircase.

If you were in the lobby area where the vendors were, you would have to disrupt whatever is going on in the auditorium if you need a bathroom, and open a large door, then walk across the auditorium to the bathroom.  If however you are in front row and you need a bathroom, you have to go back outside, walk to the handicapped ramp, take that to side entrance, then walk through the large door into the auditorium!

The lobby area was poorly lit and this is a book fest.  Nonetheless I had a nice time and will blog about it in another piece.

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