Friday, May 10, 2013

"At the mall"

Today is only the second time i've been in a mall in more then 2 years.  It was like most malls;   an overwhelming assault to the senses.

The entire mall smelled stale, of course there are no windows to open and it is probably illegal for them to keep the main doors open to air the place out!

I saw a store called "new york hots"  I asked the girl if this is the type of restaurant that ruins every dish by adding jalapenos?!  Her response was to give me the history of the store, the owners and the entire menue, as well as to say, "No it's only hot if you want it to be"

I found a seat in the food court, and immediately a man started pacing back and forth past my table talking loudly on his cell,  I moved my seat 2x.

I got my food and there were 2 custodians working right next to me, sweeping, changing out trash cans, washing down the same clean table over and over.  The one custodian was revolting to look at, as he hadn't washed his hair in months.  Gross.

I went to subway to get a cookie.  In the second that i was deciding, the manic loud salesman said "do you want macadamia nut?!"

"No, i want choc. chip"

"Do you want tea with that?"


I went into bath and body works to try on a sample.  I told them i wasn't planning on buying anything.  I told the salesperson that i thought B and B works  is "marketing genius!."  It is one of the most beautiful stores you ever laid eyes on.  She smiled and agreed that "the eye is drawn in from every direction"  Of course the music was very loud and that however is always a mistake in my book.

I put on a lotion then made them guess what it is.  They both guessed wrong!

I tried going in other stores, but never lasted long because of the deafening music.

I went into payless and I said to the ladies:  "I have an intellectual challenge for you!"  The one lady was older with a strong foreign accent, and the other was college age.

I asked "If you needed a good shoe, would you have to go to a name brand place like NIKE?  Is there really a big quality difference between payless and the expensive name brand places?

the young one shouted out "The difference is that our shoes are all a product of sweatshops!"  (needless to say, i love this girl!) "She embarassingly put her hand over her mouth, perhaps worried what the older lady would say.  But the older lady didn't even hear it!

The young girl turned out to be very good at what she does, (and i told her so) she recommended the brand "champion"

It took me forever and i told her that i hate to shop in part because my illness makes me so tired and painful to walk.

An older Nigerian customer asked me "I want your honest opinion on these shoes i'm trying on"

I said, "Well, the first word that comes to my mind is "conservative"  and i am a liberal!"  I pointed out that they don't look very supportive, so she chose something else.  She had a big smile on her face and said that "I really appreciate your honesty!"

"You will always get that from me!" I told her.

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