Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Everything is broken"

This has been my theme even before i started the blog, and it only gets worse.  What if, every phone call you made, every item you tried to purchase, every single thing you do every day is broken?

It is exhausting and maddening.

There is a mom and pop hardware store nearby that got great coverage in the paper.  The article claimed that they have exemplary customer service.

I went in there today to buy "earmuffs"  There were 3 customer service reps. and nobody knew where the item was.  When i finally found the item i brought it up to the desk.

I swiped my credit card. She said i swiped too soon, so swipe again.  She said it isn't working.  I handed it to her presuming she would know to type it in manually.  She tried 3x it didn't work.  She just kinda stood there with a blank look on her face.  I said "well, mary, what's the update?"  "She said "I don't know"

Her supervisor had me come over to another register and sign my name on the template.  The template was so badly scratched and obviously needed to be replaced you couldn't really even see TO sign your name.  It didn't work.

I said to her it's all scratched up.  She said "Yeah people think they need to use alot of pressure"  I replied "well, i can see why they would think that, as my signature didn't take"

"Try it again, but this time, write it in the box!"

I do, it finally works. All this just to purchase one item!  Exhausting!

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