Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Wal-blue, your local alcohol dispensary"

So, a week after Wal-blue big named pharmacy center opened, an article appeared in our local paper.

The crux of the article was that "Yes, it may be true that Wal-blue will be selling alcohol in a neighborhood with a huge alcoholism problem, but we are committed to not contributing to the community problem"

To me the article did sound sincere, and i felt convinced that Wal-blue truly does not want to add to the community's problem.

Now, I have only been in there twice.  The first time for maybe 15 minutes.

But yesterday, i went in there and tried to convince the manager that she should allow me to do an even trade on a pair of sunglasses i have where, if you drop them and a lens pops out, the lens won't go back in again.

She didn't really want to do it, but i convinced her it was a good idea.  So, i'm not in that store 15 minutes, when a clerk runs over to the mgr and says: "Judy!  a man just swiped a bottle of our alcohol and ran out of the store!  I already called the cops!"

So, i'm thinking boy is this ironic.  I have only been in the store less then 1/2 hour total in the 2 visits, and one of the visits there was a burglary.  This sort of thing must be happening constantly.

I told the clerk i was sorry to hear this is happening.  She said that they have security bars on the alcohol but to no avail.

I'm torn on this issue.  What do you think, readers?  Should Wal-Blue just not sell the alcohol at all?  I'm not sure what the answer is.  Is it Wal-Blue's fault that addicts are so addicted they will do anything to get their fix?

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