Friday, May 24, 2013

"But i CAN'T block it out"

I had a Dr. tell me that he really gets it.  Not only am I already an hsp (highly sensitive person) but I'm also clairvoyant, so I simply cannot block it out.

He said life is particularly exhausting for people who are picking up everything!  Right now there is a little boy here in the library who is in my range of vision who is doing this head banging motion over and over.  There is a baby who is screaming in a very high pitched range.

On the bus today, a woman was "humming" in this high pitched squeal that sounded like a dying dog, at the same time a woman who looked like an indigineous Australia (koori perhaps) and is about 65; she was putting her finger way up into her nose for quite a while, then she took that same finger and started picking her lips.  aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh

Yesterday while I was at the bus stop, a guy was standing leaning on a metal guardrail and overlooking a rocky cliff.  He purposely coughed that big smokers hack over and over again then he blew the spit balls down the hill.  Maybe every 2 seconds he blew another wad of spit. 

One of the things that worries me about men and all the spitting is that I'll get hit by it because of our high wind problem.

So in light of this posting, I will share 2 songs.

Against the wind
don't spit into the wind

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