Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"It's a small world/synchronicity"

You're from Baltimore TOO?!

I have met 6 Baltimoreans in Mountain Town in the past week, and none were related!  So just as I'm about ready to sit down and blog about this today, I c that the guy sitting next to me is wearing an Orioles shirt!  So, of course I asked him if he too is from there, he said no.

Too bad there isn't some sort of official registry!  If a person moves from say, Vietnam to North Carolina, they frequently seek out other Vietnamese.

So, whether you like where you are from or not, humans love the familiarity of meeting other humans who are from the same place.

My favorite incident in the past week of meeting a Baltimorean was, at the book fest.  The author lives in Albuquerque now.  She didn't even have to speak 3 syllables for me to say: "YOU'RE FROM BALTIMORE!"

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