Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Conditions at current subsidized apt."

So, there are a myriad of rules.  The only way the landlord would offer a subsidized apt. to me is if i agreee to be randomly drug tested!  I have no history of drug use.  they will also be testing me for alcohol.

Now, they claim that they will not enter without 24 to 48 hour notice.  But if they want to come to my apt.  at any time, i am forced to let them in.

This is degrading.  But i just researched the internet and it said that "if you agreed to it in the lease, they can do whatever they want"

So, the only reason i agree to live as if i were on probation is because it beats being on the streets.  I feel like my soul is owned, i feel like a slave, a prisoner.

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