Friday, May 10, 2013

"No getting away from dogs"

I wonder if there is a society on earth where you can live free of dog barking, crying squealing, and free of loose dogs, or dogs on 12 foot leashes that jump on you, etc.

As perusual, if you want peace you are going to need a reliable car, so you can move far far away from noise or dogs, or souped up trucks that deafen you.

At my new place there is a dog next door that has a high pitch cry and bark and does this the entire time the owners are away.

In addition to that there was a small brown dog somebody tied under my bedrrom window that screamed and cried like a tortured child.  These things are against apt. rules, but i have so many other issues that need addressed first that i have not filed a complaint.

My cough is subsiding and i do not have as many migraines now that i am away from the smi roomate who smoked indoors.  (also a violation of lease)

I would still describe myself as seriously ill, the saving grace is that i can stay at home more oft if need be.

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