Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Amazing NPR/All Things Considered"

When I heard that ATC would be doing a piece on homelessness and young baby boomers, i made sure to be available to hear it.

Even more "exciting" because it took place in Baltimore, and i did not know that would be the case.  They featured a homeless couple Andrea and Tony. I actually think i may have met her.  He has a bulging disc (or does she) and he has osteoarthritis.  Her cane was stolen and she lives on painkillers.  (which made me jealous because i'm not on any medication at all)

On the show they said that "50 is old"  I really appreciated that they said that.  I will be 50 in June and i am seriously ill, but i'm the only one that knows the extent of what that means.  If you are homeless you are more then 3x likely to be seriously ill, they said on the show.

So true.  Even though I don't sleep outdoors, I have still been cycling for twenty years and i'm sure it is a big reason my health is destroyed.  Chronic starvation/malnutrition also took it's toll.

ATC featured the United Church of Christ soup kiotchen.  I was there once more maybe more then once, but i did not appreciate being treated like a piece of meat by the men in the line, so i did not return.

Fessler said "just try to eat healthy when you are homeless"  She went on to illustrate what was avail to eat at the soup kitchen.  She mentioned stuff like white rice white b read beans, hot dogs.

The reason y Tony and Andrea are still on the street is because they have no security deposit money.  For me the story is not that simple or straightforward.  There are myriad factors on why I cycled in and out and s.d. is just one of them.

HOMElessness hit young baby boomers hardest.  (I am a young baby boomer.  1946  to 1964)

600k of u.s. homeless are young baby boomers.  about 1/2 of total homeless.  Andrea has no teeth.  (here in mountain town people have no teeth or the teeth are rotted and nauseating to even look at)

The couple say if they went to the shelter, they would be seperated, so they sleep outdoors.

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