Monday, March 25, 2013

"Too sick to function"

Between the migraines, the 5 hours sleep in 5 days; I can't even function.  I've been so doubled up with stomach ab pain that i can barely walk.  Went to urgent c are they gave me 2 meds.  i was worried i wouldn't be able to fill them for i have no co pay money.  The doc. did at least put a slight damper on one of the problems, the irritable bowel syndrome and gave me the 2 meds. 

My room mate is nocturnal and as you know it's hour by hour drama.  Since she is up all night so am i, due to the noise and the smoke.  Thursa. night when i was up vomiting, I saw that she left a pair of scissors on bathroom floor, and another pair in tub.  (she doesn't shower or bathe)  She stood in the tub with her shoes on and cut her hair off then left the hair in the tub.

She also cut her hair over the sink apparently, left all sorts of hair in sink.  When i lifted the toilet seat because i couldn't hold down my soup kitchen dinner, i saw that she has been taking her lighter to the seat.  I'm betting she has a history of pyromania.

Yes, all i can do is just get from hour to hour.

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