Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Don't go breakin' my heart"

I'll tell you, it really does break my heart to see so much child abuse and neglect ona daily basis.  I'm sure there are multiple reasons for that.  The breaking point for me, and the deciding factor in my cutting of contact with my adoptive parents, was the way they were treating a little boy named billy at Christmas 1990.

They were so abusive to him, just like they had been to me.  I thought, no i can't do this anymore.

Today, a 4 year old on the bus begged his mother, repeated over and over:  "mommy please help me"

She couldn't hear him!  She had earbuds in and she was texting and she NEVER LOOKED AT HIM!

Eventually a male, presumably the father, helped the boy with the map he was holding.  Does this neglect break your heart too?

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