Monday, March 4, 2013

"Long ass disclaimer from the pain management office"

"Doctor Doolittle is extremely strict about prescribing opioids for chronic pain.  In the past 10 yrs. in the u.s., deaths from rx opioid misuse have tripled.  Currently there are more deaths eache yr. from opiod misuse then from auto. accidents.  Dr. D. is strict about opiods because she does not want you to contribute to these stats. and she has developed better methods to control chronic pain.

Dr. D. will NOT prescribe (or will immediately STOP prescribing) opioids:

-if the drug screen and research uncovers problems or inconsistencies
-if you violate the opiod contract even once
-if your opiods are lost or stolen
-if you demand, beg or lie to get opiods

Further info about dr. d.'s opioid policy:

instead uf usin just meds and procedures to dull the sensation of pain, dr. d. takes the time to doa very extensive hx. and exam. of your problem to find the cause of your pain and then educate you on how to manage the cause.  This approach takes more tme by Dr. D. and more patience and diligence on your part but can result in management of your pain without side effects costs and risks of meds. and procedures.  She still uses meds. and procedures but only to the extent that will support you in learning how to manage your pain.  Pain meds will be prescribed in necessary only for a specified period of time and only if you are shwoing objective improvement in your pain control.  If you want to or need to control your pain by the use of opioids, you should find a a dr. who more close mathces your objectives.  You can find this on our website.  BUT just because i included a dr. on this list does not mean the dr will prescribe opiods!

A pain management practice attracts a higher percentage of pts. seeking to use drugs, esp. controlled substances, for other reasons then reasonable pain mgmt..  Also, some pts. choose to use class 1 (illicit/illegal/street) drugs.  We cannot safely treat pts. using these drugs.  For these reasons, we perform drug screening tests before providing prescriptions for FDA controlled meds.  Additionally, periodic drug testing will be used.  The frequency and scheduling of these periodic drug tests will be at the sole discretion of Dr. D.  All drug tests will be at your expense for any amt. not covered by your insurance.

If a drug test shows a positive finding for a med. not prescribed or a negative finding for a controlled med. that u have been prescribed, you will have 2 choices:  You may choose to not use dr. d. (or discontinue to use Dr. D) as your dr. or you may provid another sample and have that sample tested by a certified drug testing lab. at your expense.  With either of these choices or if u do not explicitly choose to provide another sample or u refuse the drug test, this will be your choice and you hold "Steal this urine test medical facility*" and it's employees and dr. d. harmless for your decision.

I understand and voluntarily agree to these policies.




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