Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Customer Dis-service/Retail Hell"

So, since the 14th, i have two dollars a day in food stamps no cash.  I get in line with 2 yogurts.  There is a sign that says "If you will be using ebt, alert the cashier in advance"  and I always do.

So the cashier says:  "You are the only person who ever warns me that they are using ebt"

me-"Well, that's what the sign says to do"

her-"But you are the only one who does, and I have had 9 ebt customers today"

me-"Are you implying that people who are on food stamps don't know how to read?"

her-"I am implying that nobody reads"

(I think this is incredibly rude, why do i care about who alerts her on the card usage.  And to imply that nobody is reading the sign, i mean please just ring me up and let me get out of here.  I will fill our the survey on the visit)

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