Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Award for most out of control child"

last weekend i was in the starbucks with the family from hell.  Two parents on computers, texting, etc. and 2 boys.  One boy was 12 and the other 7.

the mother went to her car to get something.  The youngest boy karate kicked a basket of items that where suspended from the dairy case.  The items flew out of the case and remarkably back into the basket.  Nobody noticed but me.

Then, he closed his eyes and crashed into the displays.  yelling, i'm blind, can you hear me can you hear me.  Nobody noticed but me.

Mother is back, father is now in the store.  The boy climbs up into the windowsill and starts scooting along the windowsill behind the black curtains just scooting and scooting nobody stopped him.  Then he stood in the windowsill and smooshed his nose on the glass and rubbed it across the window.  He then went on to lick the windows.  Again no intervention.

He stood up in the windowsill, walked along in managing to stay behind the black curtain.

At this point my concern is that he'll lose his balance and go smashing through the glass to the outside, but nobody sees him or cares but me.

I finally point the behavior out to a barista, but she seemed annoyed that i brought it to her attention.  After about 5 minutes, another barista told him he wasn't allowed to climb in the windowsills!

All i can say is

I am still capable of being shocked.

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