Friday, March 22, 2013

"Retail Hell/Rude Ass Society/Overheard"

You remember the market where the manager told me not to leave behind a cream or a sugar?  Well, Brenda* the girl that was my cashier today, certainly is a good fit there because she is a cold hearted you know what.

I had one person in line in front of me today.  Brenda told the customer that 2 people have been fired.  Ricardo* and Miranda*

She had the nerve to disclose the details of the firing in front of me the customer!  She said that R. was always sick with kidney and liver problems.

THEN she said that when they found out that M. was going to quit, THEY FIRED HER!

I said: Oh, I know why your company fired her, you fired her because that way you aren't required to pay her unemployment benefits!

She was silent!  Dumbfounded!

I am also dumbfounded at our entire society.

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