Friday, March 1, 2013

"Four cents short/the cost of free coffee"

So yesterday, i was 4 cents short for a bag of m and m's.  I told the clerk i would put the four cents on my debit card but the rest i paid with change.  She said i can't put the .04 on the debit card because debit cards have a minimum purchase of $1.00.  She said she'd spot me the .04.

A store i've shopped at a few times a week for 2 years offers free coffee.  But oddly they don't put out any cups anymore!

I asked the donut girl for a cup so i could get the free coffee siknce i don't have money to buy a coffee.  She said these cups are only if you shop here.  (she wanted me to buy something yesterday which i could not do)  I took the cup and drank the coffee and left.  I asked if coffee is out all day she said yes.

I came back 2 hours later but forgot my cup.  When i asked for one she said i will give you one but you MUST buy so;mething.  I took the coffe and left the store which i'm sure infuriated her.

I don't know how they think they are going to enforce this.  Since i shop there regularly i knew i wasn't going to get into any kind of trouble and iwasn't breaking any laws.

Coffee police, oyyyyyyy

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