Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Mountain Town Suicide"

Suicide by throwing yourself in front of the train, most literally, is a popular suicide method in this town.  Likely because it doesn't cost the victim any up front costs.  (like buying a gun)

He did not die immediately, they tried to revivie him and he died in hospital.  Personally, as a dues expired member of the right to die networks, i feel they should have left him in peace.  He made the decision that he didn't want to be on the planet anymore and it is unfair for others to force him to live against his will.

It may be blunt, but it is my deeply held belief.

They did not release his name, on NPR, but i will check the local paper.  If there is a picture chances are i have seen him or met him, because i "know" most of the poor and chances are strong that he was.

Feeling a bit melancholy about the loss of his life.

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